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A Focus on Group Homes Insurance

AFC has specialized in Social Services insurance that includes insurance for Group Homes for more than a decade. But we felt that if our readers really wanted to know the nitty gritty, field-clocking experience of writing Group... Read More »

Emergency Evacuation Planning for Shelters

The importance of disaster planning is a necessary evil. It's scary to think of the damage any unforeseen disaster may do to your insured's business, but it's much scarier to think of your insured as being without any emergency... Read More »

November: National Family Caregivers Month & National Hospice & Palliative Care Month

November is known for daylight savings time, weather changes and major preparations for the historical feast on Thanksgiving Day. Some enthusiasts may even fight to lose five pounds in order to indulge on that one day of thanks!... Read More »

Halloween Tips for Social Services

Halloween is a day where believing in the supernatural and dressing up like your favorite idol is socially acceptable rather than socially embarrassing. So bring on your Lady Gagas, the Hulks and the Catwomen! While feeding... Read More »