Counseling Centers & Hotlines Offer Healthy Outlet

Cupid's arrow strikes each person a little differently when it comes to Valentine's Day. Whether it's the day of romantic gestures, the ultimate commercial holiday for greeting cards, chocolates and candy, or a reminder of lost... Read More »

Polar Plunge Supports the Special Olympics

(Left) Lori Ann Purnell trying to warm up after her dip in the Delaware River. (Right) Some of the participants exiting the water. On January 19, 2013 more than 600 people, including one of our very own Business Development... Read More »

Insurance for Mental Health Risks

Dmitriy Glazer, a Partner at Paperless Insurance Services Inc., has written more than 25 mental health risks. Located in California, Paperless Insurance Services is an environmentally-friendly independent insurance agency focused... Read More »

Employee Handbooks for Home Health Agencies

Home Health Care agencies owe it to their business and to their patients to have an employee handbook that is complete and properly updated and maintained. This handbook is a way that your insured can state their mission, judge... Read More »

13 Insurance Coverages for Social Services Risks

It's 2013 - the perfect time for change to make 13 into a charm versus its superstitious reputation. For many, "13" seems to be the unluckiest of numbers, even so much as to have its own phobia called Triskaidekaphobia. But this... Read More »

AFC Supports Nonprofit to Make Sweet Dreams Possible

We have 30 pairs of pajamas and 26 books ready to go for the children  of the Pajama Program! Our office holiday party was uniquely special this year. Each holiday season, our Charity Fund is put toward a cause that is... Read More »

Safety Tips to Avoid Risk this Holiday Season

Feel the holiday spirit and help your insureds avoid risk this holiday season with these safety tips for nonprofit and for-profit social services organizations. Christmas Tree Care... Those beautiful Christmas trees that... Read More »

Where to Volunteer during the Holidays

It's December and signs of the holidays are everywhere - think peppermint lattes, pine trees, decorative lights, holiday music, and of course, baked goods! While these are a few of our favorite holiday things, we feel it is... Read More »

A Focus on Group Homes Insurance

AFC has specialized in Social Services insurance that includes insurance for Group Homes for more than a decade. But we felt that if our readers really wanted to know the nitty gritty, field-clocking experience of writing Group... Read More »

Emergency Evacuation Planning for Shelters

The importance of disaster planning is a necessary evil. It's scary to think of the damage any unforeseen disaster may do to your insured's business, but it's much scarier to think of your insured as being without any emergency... Read More »