Counseling Centers & Hotlines Offer Healthy Outlet

Cupid’s arrow strikes each person a little differently when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s the day of romantic gestures, the ultimate commercial holiday for greeting cards, chocolates and candy, or a reminder of lost love or a love void — it can be overwhelming on all accounts!

In general, the assistance that counseling can provide may be healthy for anyone who may be struggling in certain areas of their lives, especially if the upcoming holiday makes it that much more difficult. Counseling provides an anonymous, objective outlet for healing emotionally and mentally with the chance at a positive lifestyle change.

According to Mayo Clinic, marriage counseling or couples therapy “helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships.” Counseling can help to promote a healthy change for both partners. This may be accepting the past or any faults and moving forward in the relationship or knowing when it just isn’t working and moving on in a healthy and mutual fashion.

Valentine’s Day also has the potential to stir up a lot of mixed feelings of loneliness, anxiety and anger. According to Listverse, 40% of people have negative feelings toward Valentine’s Day and 75% of suicide attempts are attributable to relationship problems. CBS Local Media St. Louis reported in 2012 from an interview with the Missouri Suicide & Crisis Hotlines that Valentine’s Day is busier than most days. Calls to the hotline will actually increase from an expected 600 calls versus an average day of 400 calls.

By providing a unique outlet for many, counseling centers and hotlines also require business insurance coverages that are tailored to their needs. If you’re an agent who writes counseling centers or hotlines, contact AFC Insurance for more information on insurance for counseling and hotlines. The American Counseling Association can provide additional details on counseling.

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