Cyber Liability Insurance Protects Insureds Online

Cyber Liability Insurance is the new “it” insurance coverage. With how quickly technology has become an emerging and necessary part of our lives, Cyber Liability insurance is a relevant coverage to protect our insureds and businesses online. With the development and popularity of e-commerce, online marketing, web advertising and social media marketing — there is a large risk associated with being online as a business. This has become difficult to ignore, especially since most businesses, even most local businesses, want to represent themselves with an online presence and build a reputation.

Cyber Liability is designed to protect insureds from first-party and third-party risks, those that may harm the business or website visitors. This may include transmitted viruses, privacy violations and brand reputation management. Other possible risks may include copyright or trademark infringement, e-theft and libel.

A website can help or hurt an insured to establish credibility and expertise on a specific subject. The insured becomes responsible for the information they have put on their website and made visible to the online community. Content such as blogs, e-newsletters and published web pages provide content that viewers read and rely on for correct information.

With certain social services organizations, the level of risk depends on the type of website they have and the information they are providing. For instance, Adult Day Care Centers, Hospice Agencies, and Addiction Treatment Centers may provide a log in feature to expose personal health information. This could be very convenient for patients if they need to update contact information or make an online payment, but this also poses a large risk if information is ever stolen or hacked.

AFC Insurance Inc. offers Cyber Liability as a separate policy with an “A” Rated Carrier. For more information on this specialty coverage, contact us at 877-456-5323 or email

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