Halloween Tips for Social Services

Halloween is a day where believing in the supernatural and dressing up like your favorite idol is socially acceptable rather than socially embarrassing. So bring on your Lady Gagas, the Hulks and the Catwomen!

While feeding your inner-diva this Halloween, as insurance professionals we are always aware of the risks involved no matter how silly or spooky. And as a Property & Casualty insurance agent, you also recognize risks for your insureds before they even say “boo.” So, while celebrating this enchanting holiday, there are a few tricks our underwriters have in mind to help your insureds avoid risk.

  1. Social Services organizations, Nursing Homes and even Adult Day Care Centers may take this opportunity to invite the neighborhood children inside to trick-or-treat. By inviting children into the facility, the organizations are taking on a lot of responsibility. First, implement a strict login procedure for visitors so there is a list of who attended. Make sure all items and belongings of the visitors and insured’s patients are properly secure. Most importantly, make sure there are plenty of properly screened chaperones to accompany and monitor the children.
  2. Make it safe for people to visit. To maintain the property, your insured can clear walkways from falling and slippery leaves and other debris, light the front entrance and walkways so visitors know where they are walking and make sure all railings are installed properly. Super shiny floors may look pretty, but can be slippery as well. Have your clients post signs if they have recently had their floors waxed, and draw attention to any steps that “sneak” up on you!
  3. Although we enjoy the spooky ambiance that lit candles add to a room, these festive decorative items raise concern. Fire can cause a total loss and preventing this may be the easiest to do — eliminate the risk and use solar lights for the walkways or battery-operated candles inside.
  4. When your insured is participating in the neighborhood Trick-or-Treat, it may be a good idea to inspect the candy prior to that evening or have your insured provide the candy for their clients. Alert parents that all candy was checked prior to the night, but request an additional investigation on their part for safety reasons.

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