A Day for Green: Host Liquor Liability & Nonprofits

Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on March 17 and it’s time to get your green on! St. Patrick’s Day is well known for Irish folk songs, corned beef and cabbage, green beer and a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow.

If you insure a nonprofit that is planning a St. Patrick’s Day special event and will be serving the infamous green beer or other alcoholic beverages, here are a few tips regarding liquor liability protection.

  1. Make sure the nonprofit organization is well versed on the liquor liability they have on their current insurance policy. When an insured is not in the business of selling alcohol, their insurance policy should include Host Liquor Liability. However, as their agent, have an honest conversation with them about the event as they may require a higher limit of coverage for full protection.
  2. When in Rome, right? Well on St. Patrick’s Day, the tradition is to live as the stereotypical Irishman. Caution your insured to have strict rules regarding the limit of alcohol permitted by each guest. In the event of an accident, your insured may be found liable due to the alcohol intake of the claimant.
  3. Depending on the type of special event, the nonprofit may have recruited other local businesses to volunteer their services to serve beer and wine to guests. If this is the case, your insured must be aware of the importance of requiring a Certificate of Insurance that indicates the nonprofit as the Additional Insured from all vendors.
  4. When a freelance bartender has been recruited for the special event, advise your insured to run a thorough background screening and reference check. Even if the individual is only hired for the one event, that person must have the proper training and skills required by the insured’s state.

For additional resources on alcohol training and safety measures, visit:

Please note: The above mentioned provides only a few tips on liquor liability protection and does not cover all areas of concern. For more information on Host Liquor Liability, we advise insureds to contact their insurance broker and brokers to call their insureds’ insurance carriers. AFC Insurance can be reached by calling 877-456-5323 or emailing info@afcins.com.

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