13 Insurance Coverages for Social Services Risks

It’s 2013 – the perfect time for change to make 13 into a charm versus its superstitious reputation. For many, “13″ seems to be the unluckiest of numbers, even so much as to have its own phobia called Triskaidekaphobia. But this year, it’s going to be a lucky number!

In the spirit of an optimistic and prosperous 2013, we’ve named 13 insurance coverages that every social services risk should have!

  1.  Professional LiabilityAn insurance coverage that provides necessary protection for professionals in case of an errors and omissions situation. This coverage is important in the event that a home health care aide administers the incorrect prescription or if a social services agency fails to perform professional services.
  2. Abuse & Molestation- Insurance protecting the insured from claims caused by sexual abuse and misconduct while under the care of the insured.
  3. Key Employee Replacement Insurance CoverageWhen an unexpected injury or fatal accident occurs to your insured’s Key Employee(s), Key Employee Replacement Coverage can protect the business from additional stress in order to continue normal business operations.
  4. Employment Practices Liability InsuranceInsurance protection from employee-based claims and lawsuits such as Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Unlawful Termination and other Wrongful Acts.
  5. Crisis ManagementCrises like claims related to Abuse & Molestation or a catastrophic event can bring morality down and hurt an organization’s public image and reputation. Crisis Management Insurance can help to protect your insured from negative publicity, reputation damage and decrease in business operation.
  6. Directors & OfficersCoverage to protect your insured in the event of a claim filed by employees, stockholders, and other individuals or companies due to alleged error, misstatement, misleading statement, act, omission, neglect or breach of duty committed by directors and officers.
  7. Crime CoverageCoverage protecting the insured from criminal-type hazards such as employee and criminal theft, fraud and forgery.
  8. Employee DishonestyProtection from theft by an insured’s employee that results in a loss for the insured.
  9. Volunteers as InsuredsInsurance provided for insureds that utilize volunteers as employees.
  10. Food SpoilageCoverage that may pay for an insured’s loss of “perishable goods” due to spoilage caused by insured perils per your insured’s specific Equipment Breakdown policy. An example of a possible insured peril may include contamination due to the release of the refrigerator.  
  11. Medical Payment for VolunteersIn the event of a small injury to a volunteer, an insured’s Medical Payments can provide coverage to pay for medical expenses. This is considered part of an insured’s General Liability.
  12.  Special Events CoverageThis coverage  provides additional limits of liability insurance for an insured during any special event that extends beyond an insurance underwriter’s comfort level and may not qualify under the insured’s General Liability.
  13. Identity TheftThis coverage protects the insured from any claim arising from credit card fraud, theft of personal or sensitive information and more.

For additional information on the above 13 coverages that every social services risk should have, contact us at 877-456-5323 or email info@afcins.com. We wish you a very lucky, happy and safe 2013!

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