AFC Supports Nonprofit to Make Sweet Dreams Possible

Pajama Program

We have 30 pairs of pajamas and 26 books ready to go for the children  of the Pajama Program!

Our office holiday party was uniquely special this year. Each holiday season, our Charity Fund is put toward a cause that is close to the hearts of the AFC team. We also do an annual gift exchange amongst the staff, but this year we added a new twist to the usual “Secret Santa.” As always, it held the entertainment value, but it included more of what the holiday season is really about—giving.

As in the past, we picked names out of a hat for our “Secret Santa,” but instead of buying something for that person, we purchased pajamas and books for children and teenagers with the intent of donating them to the Pajama Program. The fun twist was that the pajamas and books purchased for your coworker reflected what you thought they would have worn and read as a child! Imagine: Superman, Star Wars, and Hello Kitty!  It afforded a few more laughs and even more excitement due to the altruistic spirit of giving.

The Pajama Program is a nonprofit organization based out of New York with a special mission to provide PJs and books to children in need. According to the Pajama Program’s website, the children may “live in various situations including group homes, shelters and temporary housing facilities.” It also explains that the children’s families may be living in poverty and in need of basic necessities. Many of the children are also waiting to be adopted.

Since the nonprofit organization began in 2001, they have given more than two million new pajamas and new books to children!  At this time of year and always, we are very thankful for the social services organizations in our nation and we are happy to have had the opportunity to support the Pajama Program this year.

For more information and for ways to help or donate to the Pajama Program, visit their website, call their headquarters at 212-716-975, or email

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!


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