“Write It Right” Social Services Insurance Training Program

Lori Ann Purnell

“The Write It Right” Girl, Lori Ann Purnell is one of our Business Development Leaders. She is also the instructor for the Write It Right Social Services Insurance Training Program.

Welcome to the “Write It Right” Social Services Insurance Training Program!

The Write It Right Program is a tool for success and an educational resource to help you accomplish your goals within the Human & Social Service insurance sector! We have very specific objectives in mind to make this a successful project! The goals of the Write It Right Program are to assist brokers learn to better evaluate, understand and effectively market Human & Social Services. Even more importantly, our overall goal is that the Human & Social Services are adequately protected and properly insured.

Your Instructor
The “Write It Right” Girl — Lori Ann Purnell has been on your side! She has 16 years of insurance experience as a broker with a specialization in nonprofit organizations. In April 2011, Lori Ann joined the AFC Team as a Business Development Leader, servicing and selling the Humanity Plus Program for a wide variety of Human & Social Services risks on a nationwide basis. She has a passion for advising, supporting and working with social services. Lori Ann has served on nearly a dozen nonprofit boards and is very committed and involved with her community.

The Write It Right classroom is completely from the comfort of your own office. Think conference calls, webcams and webinars! We will also provide a Write It Right podcast that will be showcased on our website and social media channels.     We want to work WITH you and make this a pleasant and worthwhile experience for everyone. In addition to the Write It Right Program, we offer value added marketing services for our agents and brokers. Ask Lori Ann about Lead Generation, Co-branding Materials, Newsletter & Blog Spotlight, Social Media Alliance and Link “Juice”.

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